Tips For Buying A Brand New House From a Real Estate Development Company in Nigeria

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July 30, 2018
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Buying a brand new house in Nigeria might seem daunting due to the several shrouded processes involved in making a deal and the kind of hardball one must play to get a good bargain. Though you are almost guaranteed of having a good buy once you partner with the right real estate firm, in the event that you decided to do it yourself, the tips provided in this article will be useful for you Before you Buy a brand new home in Nigeria, you need to have the knowledge of the procedures required before you make settlements. Some important tips to consider before purchasing a brand new home in Nigeria are listed below:

1. Prepare your budget
Purchasing a brand new building may be one of the biggest purchases of your life as it is not the
same as buying sets of shoes, dress or phone. Before you proceed in going for one of the real estates’ properties in Nigeria, you need to make the means of purchase readily available, either by cash or
mortgage. You also need to understand that there are some other fees attached like legal fees, agency
fees among other hidden charges.

2. Understand the nature of the property
Purchasing a property means you are investing in real estate regardless of the nature of use. As a real
estate investor, you should get the best value of your money. Before buying a home, you should
examine the potential growth on investment in a particular location before you drop that huge sum of

3. Make a thorough search and compare
Whenever you find a home that catches your fancy, don’t be too forward to make payment. Ensure you
visit the property with your Realtor and other Inspectors to help inspect the building. Even if the
property is beyond your budget, proper inspection may lead to a vivid renegotiation. You can as well
search for other properties to compare costs.

4. Verification of Documents
If you are confident about the house, you need to verify the authenticity of the documents and make
sure they are complete. Getting a used or brand new house in Abuja for instance, you need to contact
the AGIS and FCDA to verify whether the property is registered as a government acquired property or if
there is a pending litigation or issues on the property. At Rural Homes, we can help you verify all
documents necessary for purchasing a property as it is very important in confirming the validity of
purchase. It also saves you from fraudsters or any future heartache with the government.

5. Settlements and collection of all documents
Having confirmed the authenticity of the deal, you can proceed to make payments. However,
payments should be made by your agent. The agent will ensure all documents required for property purchase are complete. Since you are not an expert in the real estate profession, we at Rural Homes are ready to mediate between you and the seller and we promise you will never regret working with us.

In Conclusion, purchasing a brand new house might be one of the biggest decision you will make
especially if it’s a residential building. This is why you need to involve reliable professionals in order to
put you through, make inspections and purchase on your behalf.

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