Administrative capital city of Nigeria

Apart from the fact that Abuja is the Administrative capital city of Nigeria, it is also located at the centre of the country’s geographical space. Abuja is a well-planned city which has been in construction since 1980 to replace Nigeria’s most populous city (Lagos) as the federal capital territory in the year 1991. According to research conducted by the real estate experts in October 2017, rents in Abuja have risen as high as 94% over time.

The survey conducted by the aforesaid experts reveals the rental growth in the residential property market within the FCT. More people now move into the FCT for businesses, federal government employment, contracts, and for other similar reasons. In this article, we will shed more lights on why one should prioritise having Commercial properties in Abuja over other locations in the country.

Reasons why you should invest in Abuja Real Estate

  • Properties in Abuja now appreciates fast

Generally speaking, having properties in Abuja brings more profit than any other place in Nigeria and this is confirmed by every real estate expert in the city. For instance, a land sold in Gwarimpa for an average of NGN3.5Million 5 years ago cannot be gotten for anything less than NGN10million in today’s market.

  • Abuja Municipality is Rapidly Expanding

The Abuja municipality is rapidly expanding beyond Garki, Wuse, Maitama and all other core areas. As a result, acquiring a Commercial property anywhere in Abuja will definitely assure you of profit in the shortest possible time due to the speed at which real estate properties are appreciating.

  • Inflation Rate is Unpredictable

Real Estate investment is the third most profitable business all over the world After Internet Technology and Stock Market investment. They yield better than most fixed deposit account because inflation might significantly devalue the money in your deposit account but it usually has little effect on properties since the price can always be adjusted according to the latest realities.

  • The Municipality Nature of Abuja

Abuja is the abode for high profile individuals like top class government officials, high-class politicians, International Emissaries, Expatriates, among related others. As a result, this makes the demand for luxury houses higher than other places like Lagos and Port Harcourt. Investing in Commercial  properties in some targeted areas in Abuja will sell faster than some other place in the country. A serious capitalist should see this factor as an advantage and avenue to multiply wealth.

  • The Living Standard in Abuja

Capital cities all around the world usually experience a high standard of living. As a result, rents are usually high in such parts. With a good location, you will recoup your capital in a few years from investing once you acquire the services of a professional real estate developer like Rural Homes (a glance through our gallery will convince you)

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