Real Estate Development

We commenced operations with the mission of being the best real estate development company in Nigeria, providing exclusive homes and striving to be the company with the most satisfied residents. Rural Homes LTD is the first and currently the only Nigerian real estate company developing a complete market in Abuja.


Our head office is located on the Ojimadu Nwaeze House, P.O.W Mafemi Crescent, Utako, Abuja, Nigeria and the company employs over 100 people. We are one of the largest and prominent real estate companies in Nigeria. Our estates/properties span across Nigeria’s capital Abuja. These include Fountain EstateBridge View Apartments, and currently, Karmo Market.


We pride ourselves as a Real estate development company that provides a wide range of homes and services to our clientele. These varied choices include real estate developments, building contractors, estate management services, rentals and sale of serviced plots. At Rural Homes, we are committed to providing quality housing solutions to our customers through our professional staff and state-of-the-art building technology. Our wealth of experience in the provision of building and housing needs has helped us understand client needs and aided our quest to provide tailor-made solutions to them.

Our current project, Karmo Market, has 1800 Shops of varying sizes (from 4,6,16 up to 100 meters) and designs available for all categories of goods and services.  Karmo Market has, in addition to the clustered shops, two commercial banks to tend to market merchants and customers, Police station to curb or prevent crime, clinic, Solar Powered Street light, Stanby generator.