Public Infrastructures Management

Rural Homes has a unique based background in the area of reliability assessment for public infrastructure system. We provide the clients with incentives to develop a well effective decision support system to facilitate infrastructure management. Our approach to public infrastructure management is the best in Nigeria.

At Rural Homes, our team of experts and consultants collaborates in complementary practices with the Public Sector, Healthcare Services Centers, Corporate Finance and the likes. Our utmost responsibility is to serve the public entities and their private partners (if any) to plan, develop, and maintain physical infrastructure.

Our Public Infrastructure Management Services

 We collaborate with our colleagues from the Public Sector to analyze the evolving user-requirements of schools and universities to help manage education infrastructures. We utilize innovative techniques to ensure safety, security, and health regulations. We assure our clients in controlling their investments and facilities such as high-quality buildings with long lifecycles.

 Our experts have a strong orientation in health care needs and recent innovations in health care. We assist our customers to design, build and manage healthcare Infrastructures that delivers the best medical experience at the lowest cost. We analyze markets and utilize regional and site capacity planning tools to assist clients in selecting the best long-term location for their healthcare site.

 We also help our clients to design optimal public building and spaces. We harness architectural design and infrastructural initiatives to ensure the long-term relevance of our clients’ buildings. We advise them on the strategic use of materials and on design, expansion, accessibility, and sustainability techniques.

 As keeping of government housing properties in good working condition is part of our goals, we create efficiencies in the real estate portfolio, we improve safety, accessibility, utilization, and preserve government properties to make the buildings environmentally and financially sustainable.

 We also ensure provincially owned real estate is being used in the best, most optimal way. We apply real estate best practices to maximize the value and plan for the future use of lands or buildings already abandoned by the government. This may include re-using or selling the assets to generate revenue for government re-investment.

 We also provide advisory services to the government on an array of large commercial transactions. Our in-house experts can identify and develop a partnership strategy with the private sector. They provide commercial advice and analysis, oversee complex land divestments, and lead business negotiations in transportation, Healthcare, energy and the likes.

Apart from those aforementioned, we offer other several ranges of mind-blowing infrastructural management services for clients in Nigeria. If you wish to know more about us and our irresistible services, you can locate our office at the second floor, left wing, Ojimadu Nwaeze House, P.O.W Mafemi Crescent, Utako, Abuja, Nigeria. Our phone numbers are; 2348130031414, 2348130022392, 2348119585422, 2348175074370 or mail us at