Commercial Property Development Company

As a reputable Commercial Property Development Company in Abuja who has built several commercial buildings in strategic places across Nigeria and in Abuja specifically, we are your one-stop shop for every information and skills required to help you build your dream commercial building right from your imagination into a physical edifice capable of serving the intended purpose up to its maximum capacity.

At rural homes, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach cannot be applied when constructing commercial buildings for any sector of the goods and services industry.

Keeping this in mind, we are always able to construct tailor-made structures that will further promote the client’s business regardless of the target audience that informed the project.

The joint-knowledge and acquired experience of our team of professionals have also afforded us the opportunity to fast-track the documentation process required to acquire government certified ownership proofs and evade avoidable troubles.

As a commercial construction company with a penchant for erecting properties in well-planned locations with modern infrastructures, you are assured of maximum profit returns from any of the commercial properties, you intend to invest on, Just like Our partnership with any of our clients does not begin and end with the completion of the stated project as we continue to provide maintenance services geared towards keeping the building (s) in top shape. Be it a restaurant, hotel, office building, residential estate, warehouse construction and any other commercial building, they are all constructed according to the international standard and the intention to maximize clients’ satisfaction.

This is one of the reasons why most of our clients have awarded us contracts on multiple occasions as their sole commercial property development company in Abuja.

Understanding that not everyone with the desire to own a commercial property can actually, pull the necessary resources to initiate and complete one, we made Karmo District Market available to the general public.

Located in a few kilometers away from Idu station, Abuja (A community growing at an incredibly fast pace), Karmo district market is a project of Rural Homes designed to make property acquisition accessible for everyone at a relatively cheap rate with an option to pay in installments. Depending on your budget, you could become a permanent owner of any of the 1800 shops available in various sizes (up to 100 meters).

Being a fully-fledged real estate company, our services are not only limited to the development of Commercial properties right from the drawing board, we also offer Property Renovation for commercial properties.

Partnering with us will ensure a complete turn-around in the ROI of your old building as we know just the right features to add and the necessary modification needed to breathe life and increase patronage.

Be it construction, maintenance, and renovation of any commercial structure in Abuja or any of its environs, Rural Homes will ensure that you get the best value for money by providing you with the best team of developers.